Black and white photograph of the white marble columns of the capitol dome, about ¾ finished. There is scaffolding and a large crane rising tall above the center of the unfinished dome.
Construction of the Capitol dome, 1860-1863. Courtesy of Library of Congress. LC-USZ6-1324

Lantern of Liberty: Lincoln and the Capitol Dome

Monday, March 4, 2024

7-8 p.m. ET
Free | Webinar

In 1863, amid the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, civil war, and unprecedented social revolution, the United States Capitol’s dome first rose proudly towards the sky. The dome’s physical growth inspired Lincoln’s moral and intellectual growth as he worked towards defining “a new birth of freedom” in the United States. By the time of Lincoln’s tragic assassination in April 1865, both Lincoln and the Capitol had been transformed into defining symbols of the United States and its ideals.  

What can their simultaneous journeys tell us about liberty in the land of the free? And what can their story teach us today? Join Ford’s Theatre and the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in this exploration of original artifacts and historic images as we shine a light on the surprising histories of two American icons forever linked in the hearts and minds of the country they represent.

This program is part of History Talks, a webinar series that explores facets of Abraham Lincoln’s complex Legacy and its relevance to today. These engaging talks, designed for history enthusiasts of all ages, feature compelling visuals with content experts delving into Lincoln’s legacy and the world of Civil War Washington.