An actor stands dressed as an 1860s detective, holding a notepad. Behind him on a brick wall is posted a reward poster for the capture of Lincoln's assassin.
Eric M. Messner as Detective James McDevitt in the Ford’s Theatre History on Foot walking tour, Investigation: Detective McDevitt. Photo by Gary Erskine.

Virtual Investigation: Detective McDevitt

Monday, April 22, 2024

1 – 2 p.m. ET
Free | Recommended for Grades 5 +

Assist Detective James McDevitt as he investigates the assassination of President Lincoln. Revisit sites and reexamine clues from April 14, 1865. In this interactive, theatrical program, participants will interact with historical characters portrayed by an actor, examine primary source images and hear witness statements.

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You will be asked to recall evidence, witness statements and clues, and vote on the guilt or innocence of each of the conspirators before the Detective reveals what actually happened. Use this Deputy Notebook to take notes as your follow along the investigation.